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    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info)

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    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) Empty The FN FAL (Pictures & Info)

    Post by blackops89 on Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:54 pm

    Call Of Duty Black Ops: FN FAL(Fusil Automatique Leger)
    COD POINTS: 2000
    [Made by Belgian armaments during the Cold War]

    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) Menu_mp_weapons_fnfal

    Caliber : 7,62mm NATO (7.62x51)
    Action: Gas operated, tilting breechblock, select-fire or semi-auto only
    Length: 1100 mm (990 / 736 mm for "Para" model)
    Barrel length: 533 mm (431 mm for "Para" model)
    Weight: 4.45 kg empty (3.77 kg empty for "Para" models)
    Magazine capacity: 20 rounds (30 rounds for heavy barreled SAW versions)
    Rate of fire: 650-700 rounds per minute

    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) FN_FAL

    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) Fal

    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) Pbucket

    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) 633881259371708230-fnfal

    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) FN-Fal01

    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) Fnfal
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    The FN FAL (Pictures & Info) Empty Re: The FN FAL (Pictures & Info)

    Post by Gamer Pro on Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:48 pm

    Nice but your forgot to put Semi-Automatic like you put FULLY AUTOMATIC on the others. Just a tip, sweet gun

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