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    Rolling Thunder

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    Rolling Thunder Empty Rolling Thunder

    Post by Administrator on Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:18 pm

    Information about the B-52 carpet bomb(Rolling Thunder)

    Rolling Thunder 5_KS_RollingThunder

    The killstreak is similar to the Stealth Bomber from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but lacks the stealth abilities. The bombs do not affect as large an area as the Stealth Bomber but the plane drops them faster, and the bombs can now kill players inside of buildings. The B-52 which delivers the strike cannot be shot down, even by the SAM Turret. For this reason, some players may prefer this over other killstreaks (such as Attack Helicopter), as those can be shot down fairly easily and even before they have had a chance to get any kills. Also, the Attack Helicopter only requires one less kill, so Rolling Thunder is preferred for fast, instant team wipeouts. Its effectiveness is mostly down to the placement of the strike by the player. The killstreak can wipe out an entire team, or hit no one at all. On a Care Package, Rolling Thunder has a 3% chance of being the result, and a 4% chance after a reroll.

    On small maps like Nuketown, a well placed Rolling Thunder can easily kill the entire enemy team as the splash damage from the bombs can penetrate deep into buildings, but this can pose a risk to the player's life too. Therefore, it is only advised to use the Rolling Thunder here if it is the player's final killstreak or else the player will almost definitely die, ending their killstreak. On a very rare occasion, a player can get a double kill from each enemy on the map Nuketown.

    Use of Rolling Thunder in Hardcore modes is questionable at best, since it is likely to kill as many teammates as it does enemies.

    The player may escape a strike by going prone behind the army truck on Nuketown, providing that it is already blown up. They can also survive by waiting on the stairs inside the houses, which will protect them as long there is no explosives nearby.


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