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    The Ghost Perk

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    The Ghost Perk Empty The Ghost Perk

    Post by Administrator on Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:39 pm

    The Ghost Perk Perk_ghost_256
    The Ghost Perk Perk_ghost_256_pro

    What exactly does "Ghost" do for you? This perk allows you to remain hidden from enemy spy planes. The one word that describes the "Ghost perk" the best is OVERUSED! Call of Duty Black Ops recently made a option under "Core" named "Express" this option allows you to bypass playing with people who use "Ghost."
    On larger maps such as "Hotel" or "Silo" this perk remains the very best! Once you've played CoD long enough you realize "Ghost" does you know good on small maps such as "Nuketown." When playing small maps like that it is advised and recommended that you use either "Flak Jacket" for explosive protection or "Hardline" to earn killstreaks one kill sooner.
    It's pointless to use "Ghost" without the suppressor attatched to your gun. While the "Ghost" perk allows you to be hidden, as soon as you shoot without the silencer you appear as a red dot on the opposing teams mini-map. As we all know the good players all attract to red dots on there map so I recommend the suppressor! I have prestiged 15 times and I've been killed most by players using "Ghost" and the silencer.
    "Ghost Pro" is a very useful addition to online gameplay. To unlock the pro version of "Ghost" you must get twenty kills while the opposing team has a spy plane in the air. The most difficult challenge to unlocking this is destroying 30 opposing planes with any non-killstreak launcher. I recommend the "Strela 3" because of it's quick and precise accuracy. Once you've unlocked "Ghost Pro" you don't appear as a red cross-hair to Chopper Gunners & Hueys! Also, your gamertag does not appear of your head during live gameplay, making it easier to hide or look like a deadbody to noobs. I recommend this perk for anyone trying to get more kills and less deaths.
    This article on the "Ghost" perk was created for "" I hope this helps for all of my members and guests who just want advice from somebody who knows Black Ops very well!

    DATE: OCTOBER 8th, 2011
    TIME: 12:39 P.M
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    The Ghost Perk Empty Re: The Ghost Perk

    Post by blackops89 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:29 am

    This is a great description of ghost!

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